Upbiogas® is the renewable energy arm of TP Arquitectura i Construcció Tèxtil 8-10 S.L., a family company with over 25 years of experience in the textile construction sector.

What drives us at Upbiogas®?

At Upbiogas® we are passionate about creating durable products that minimise costs wherever possible. To do so, we study each product in depth to determine the most suitable materials and most efficient construction formulas. We work exclusively with premium quality materials.

One of the fruits of these studies is the geometry we adopt for the design of our gasometers, avoiding stress concentrations at a single point in the membrane while also significantly reducing the time required for their assembly.

Firm in the belief that we must all help work towards a more sustainable future, at Upbiogas® we work with 100% recyclable textiles, even at the end of their service life. With the implementation of the TEXYLOOP, system, the smallest scraps of waste material are fed into the recycling chain.

Specialised in the development, execution and assembly of one-off or limited run projects, we are perfectly positioned to be able to meet the needs of the new, emerging markets. The Upbiogas® team is qualified for the development, production and installation of soft and hardware for the full execution of pressurised or tensile structures, including all rigid parts and cable-stays.

TP Arquitectura i Construcció Tèxtil